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keep, by Deborah Poepenny marvel and the book in the
                                city of selfys, by Elizabeth Treadwell
Endlessness is No Desolation, by
                                Elisabeth WorkmanY'es& Diaeresis, by Demosthenes
                                AgrafiotisSuper Undone Blue, by Sarah Anne
                                CoxTender Girl, by Lisa SamuelsThe Experiments, by Rachel MaySky Journal, by Hassan SakerHeard Animal, by Vincent ZompaMANHATER, by Danielle PafundaVirginia or the mud-flap girl by
                                Elizabeth Treadwell& now my feet are maps, by jenn
                                mccrearyRoseate, Points of Gold, by Laynie
                                BrowneThree Geogaophies,
                                Arielle Guy
STRATA, by Joe RossThe Contortions, Nicole MauroIn the Bird Museum, Kristy BowenThe Butterflies and the Burnings,
                                Anne BlonsteinThe Stunt Double in Winter, by
                                Robyn ArtThe
                                Singers, Logan Ryan SmithCornstarch Figurine, Elizabeth

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