Das Kollektiv

Nocturnal Temple (ebook) by samar abulhassan
Nocturnal Temple

abulhassan, samar

Square Root (small square folded chap the size of a matchbook) by Derek Beaulieu Square Root Beaulieu, Derek

UP (chapbook) by Cara Benson UP Benson, Cara

Dog barks up a tree at the apple left in it under a deerslim moo... by Ann Bogle Dog barks up a tree at the apple left in it under a deerslim moon Bogle, Ann

Other People's Emergencies by Jessica Bozek Other People's Emergencies Bozek, Jessica

The Stars on the 7:18 to Penn by Ana Bozicevic The Stars on the 7:18 to Penn Bozicevic, Ana

Fluorescence Buzz (chapbook) by Elizabeth Bryant
Fluorescence Buzz

Bryant, Elizabeth

State House Calendar (ebook) by Mairead Byrne State House Calendar Byrne, Mairead

Metaphors for Miscarriage (paper and metal divot ) by Mackenzie Carignan Metaphors for Miscarriage Carignan, Mackenzie

MONDO CRAMPO (brad-bound chapbook) by Juliet Cook MONDO CRAMPO Cook, Juliet

Super Undone Blue (ebook) by Sarah Anne Cox Super Undone Blue Cox, Sarah Anne

speaking off centre  (paper and staple with images) by James Cummins speaking off centre Cummins, James

Ode to Industry by Michelle Detorie Ode to Industry Detorie, Michelle

Box of Sky: Skeleton Poems (Unbound) by Amanda Deutch
Box of Sky: Skeleton Poems

Deutch, Amanda

Book of Hilda's Hunting (ebook) by Julia Drescher Book of Hilda's Hunting Drescher, Julia

Personages by Kai Fierle-Hedrick Personages Fierle-Hedrick, Kai

Shadow-Bird (ebook) by Annie Finch Shadow-Bird Finch, Annie

Book of Silhouettes by Anna Fulford Book of Silhouettes Fulford, Anna

herso (Paper and Photographic Cardboard    ) by Susana Gardner

Gardner, Susana

Shake Her (Hardcover) by Arielle Greenberg Shake Her Greenberg, Arielle

Humoresque (ribbon bound chapbook) by E. Tracy Grinnell Humoresque Grinnell, E. Tracy

Spells, a Ceremony Above by Arielle Guy Spells, a Ceremony Above Guy, Arielle

fromfiftyfarms (paper with animal stamps and staple) by Jared Hayes fromfiftyfarms Hayes, Jared

Or Mountains, Or Mountains (Unbound) by Jen Hofer Or Mountains, Or Mountains Hofer, Jen
Nakayasu, Sawako

The Unicorns (chapbook) by Carrie Hunter
The Unicorns

Hunter, Carrie

evacuated (disembodying katrina) by Jennifer Karmin evacuated Karmin, Jennifer

This Opera of Peace by Amy King This Opera of Peace King, Amy

The Speaking Parts by Paul Klinger The Speaking Parts Klinger, Paul

Turning (hand-sewn chapbook) by Mark Lamoureux Turning Lamoureux, Mark

That Obscure Coincidence of Feeling (ebook) by Juliana Leslie That Obscure Coincidence of Feeling Leslie, Juliana

Disclosure by Dana Teen Lomax Disclosure Lomax, Dana Teen

from Tax-Dollar Super-Sonnet (Paper, Fabric and Cloth) by Nicole Mauro from Tax-Dollar Super-Sonnet Mauro, Nicole

Lost Work Book w/ Letters to Deer (chap/e-chap) by Catherine Meng Lost Work Book w/ Letters to Deer Meng, Catherine

My Glass Terrace the Hinterland (Paper and Staple) by Bonnie Jean Michalski
My Glass Terrace the Hinterland

Michalski, Bonnie Jean

The Human Machine (Chapbook) by Anna Moschovakis The Human Machine Moschovakis, Anna

The Chia Letters (ebook) by Michelle Noteboom The Chia Letters Noteboom, Michelle

Off Flaw by Dawn Pendergast
Off Flaw

Pendergast, Dawn

Built, Project by Emma Phillipps Built, Project  Phillipps, Emma

(em)bodied bliss by Marthe Reed (em)bodied bliss Reed, Marthe

uptick (paper with photo and staple) by Kaia Sand uptick Sand, Kaia

Cancer Mon Amour (Paper, Color Photo and Black Twine) by Kathrin Schaeppi Cancer Mon Amour Schaeppi, Kathrin

From Here (chapbook) by Zoe Skoulding From Here Skoulding, Zoe

Glitch by Carmen Gimenez Smith Glitch Smith, Carmen Gimenez

Apache Roadkill by Jane Sprague
Apache Roadkill

Sprague, Jane

Lagniappe by Jill Stengel Lagniappe Stengel, Jill

Scaffolding My Proust Vocabulary by Bronwen Tate Scaffolding My Proust Vocabulary Tate, Bronwen

Twenty Questions for the Drunken Sailor (ebook) by Maureen Thorson
Twenty Questions for the Drunken Sailor

Thorson, Maureen

Wagner Articulate How  
Wagner, Catherine

The Code (ebook) by Stephanie Young The Code Young, Stephanie

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